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So I'm pretty much living with Jake now. :D The only real downside is that I have to pay his parents rent eventually, but that shouldn't be too much. Besides, we'll be looking for an apartment soon and will hopefully have one by New Year's.

I'm fully confident that Savers will be keeping me after November 6(my 90 days), so I feel a little better about scouring the internet for apartment listings. Just yesterday both managers told me I've been doing a phenomenal job lately and that they were glad I fought to stay in production. I've been taken out of shoes, which doesn't really bother me now that Thomas is gone(they took him out of shoes for a stupid reason and wouldn't let him go back, so he quit. :( ) because he's the only reason I wanted to work in shoes in the first place; he was just so nice. His roommate works at Savers and said he was doing fine, that he's going to school and gets financial aid, so he doesn't really need a job anyway. I'm just glad he's okay.

But yeah, back to work stuff. I was taken out of shoes so I could be the production floor's "fire extinguisher," as the managers put it. :P I just run around and fix everything that other people screw up, because I'm super fast when it comes to hanging and tagging/ordering clothing, apparently. WHO KNEW I WAS GOOD AT THINGS. :U We've been getting done an hour late every day this week, even with all my help, plus my feet are killing me, so I'm ready to stab things by the end of the day. But just knowing that they really appreciate everything I'm doing makes it so much easier. I always feel like I'm not doing enough and when told me how grateful they were I just about started to cry asdfjkl. ;A;

I really wish we could find more competent employees; Savers has been hiring and firing like crazy lately, and for good reasons. Three rules for keeping a job: Show up, shut up, and do what you're told. They're some hard rules to remember, for some reason. We've had mostly ditchers, complainers, and lollygaggers since I've been hired, but there are some really hard working new hires to make up for it. Hopefully we can find more people who are actually willing to work for their money.

That's enough employee babble. I feel like I haven't had time to do anything but work, eat, and sleep lately; I've only been home once in the past month, so I haven't seen my fuzzbutt cats much either. :( Hopefully Jake and I can find a place that allows them; my parents said they'd take care of them if it came to that, but I really wish they could be with me.

I should probably go to bed, but the dog whining at the foot of the bed is going to make this difficult.

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