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Don't make me stab a ho.

So my interview was on Friday, and I think it went well. They're hiring for full-time(42.5 hours/week) in the sorting/labeling area, so if I'm hired I won't even have to deal with customers! I'm quite happy about that, especially since I thought I would be interviewing for a cashier position. Plus they're hiring more than one person, so it's not me against ten other people for one job; that makes me feel a little more optimistic. :U They're only paying $7.45/hour, which is a little more than Wisconsin's shit minimum wage, but because it's full time I hardly care. I'd be taking home at least $1000 a month, which would be more than enough when combined with Jake's monthly income for us to move into an apartment together! And of course he's on board with that, otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it. Of course, we'll probably save up for a few months beforehand. Can't pay that lovely pet/security deposit with sad kitty stares. As I type this, Mona is knocking things to the floor on purpose. We probably won't get that security deposit back. Filthy beasts. :U

Hire me, Savers; I'd like to start my independent life and be happy, please. ;A;

In other news, I ate like shit the past week. Gonna try harder this week. Life goes on.

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