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Holy crap, you guys; I haven't been on here in over a week.  pkmncollectors either.  Please excuse me while I read ALL YOUR THINGS. :U  I haven't even been that busy, besides being at Jake's a lot.  

- I still don't have a job; no place I've applied to that was actually hiring has even attempted to contact me.  Good thing I don't have bills to pay, otherwise I'd be screwed.  The only places around here that are hiring are places where I know I'd be miserable working, so what's the point in applying?  I'm not going to apply for a job that I'd hate, so I might as well just wait it out and see what comes along, as long as I have that option.

- Along with no job comes no money.  Your Venu's still safe and sound, Ren; he's sitting right next to me.  I just plain don't have the money to send him to you right now. 8(

- I got a new phone(before I lost my job)!  Not because I didn't like my last one, but because Verizon's prepaid minutes are ridiculous compared to the service I have now.  Also, I couldn't transfer my old phone to the new service.  It is shiny:

It slides open sideways to a full keyboard.  It is spiffy.

- I taught myself how to knit(I love it just as much as crochet!), and I'm making Jake a hat.  This one:
I have horrendous Photoshopping skills, but at least it made him laugh. xD  It's Jayne Cobb's hat from Firefly.  You people need to watch this show.  Do it now.  I've got the hat and half an earflap done, so he'll be getting it pretty soon.  Ignore the fact that my hat looks lumpy; it's just on a lumpy chair.  I'm nervous about making and attaching the pom pom, though; I've never made one before.  I'm afraid it'll look stupid and/or fall off.  I'm so bad at the things you guysssss. U8  I did make a practice pom pom, though, and it didn't turn out too bad:

The one I put on the hat isn't going to be cut so short/poofy, but this is a good start.  Plus it's going to be three different colors; how the hell do I even. D:

- I have no idea what to get Jake for his birthday(March 29th).  It doesn't help that I'm broke.  And I can't just knit him something else, because by the time his birthday rolls around, it won't be cold anymore.  HELP ME AUGH.

I think that's it.  Here, have a parting gift:

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